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1974 Long 445
Farm Tractors


Engine Displacement: 143
Make: UTB
No. of Cylinders: 3
Fuel: Diesel
Transmission Speeds: 6F-2R
Draw HP: 37.55
Horsepower at Power Take Off: 41.93
Approximate Shipping Weight Lbs.: 3880
MSRPTrade InRetail
Spring 2016 Vol. 16-01
Condition (Good: 0%)
Excellent (Add 10-15%): New Condition - no evidence of wear. Size, type of equipment in demand.
Very Good (Add 5-10%): Well above average - low hours. Clean, properly maintained. No mechanical or cosmetic repairs needed. Maintenance schedule strictly adhered to. Equipped with extra cost options. Type of equipment in demand.
Good (As Published): Clean, attractive, saleable condition. Mechanically sound, average hours. No repairs needed.
Fair (Subtract 10-15%): Areas worn and faded even after cleanup. Scratches and chips in paint evident. Some mechanical repairs needed. High hours, on the downside of life expentancy.
Rough (Subtract 15% to 50%): Equipment needs significant amount of repair, both cosmetic and mechanical. Evidence of severe usage. Cost of repairs may exceed market value.
Revised: Spring 2016 Vol. 16-01